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ID Feature Date By Status Interface Comment Reverse Sort Order
4750 Show only pets with default names 08-25-15 01:03 PM Ansawa Flagged for Future Version Rematch
By: Gello
09-01-15 09:02 PM
400 Mini-map icon indication when not wearing an ItemRack set 03-29-06 10:53 PM starus Under Review ItemRack None.
3378 Add set info to the tooltip 03-21-09 08:28 AM Frayol Under Review ItemRack None.
475 Suggestion for really helpful new addon 04-08-06 08:37 AM billi_wow Under Review Miscellaneous None.
538 Memory use 04-18-06 01:14 AM Tekkub Under Review OnEventWatch None.
1047 Autoqueue just in time equipping 07-10-06 11:02 AM Slayman Under Review Trinket Menu None.
1125 Change order of weapon equipping (1h+shield->2h). 07-27-06 08:25 AM Cogwheel Under Review ItemRack None.
1126 MyMinimapButton:Pulse("myAddon",true/false) 07-27-06 10:46 AM Cogwheel Under Review MyMinimapButton None.
1211 Snap to/indicate screen center 08-11-06 06:24 AM evl Under Review SnapToGrid None.
1493 Quality borders for future item rack? 09-28-06 08:14 PM nielc Under Review ItemRack None.