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Weapon swap error (titan grip)
Bug #: 5791
File: ItemRack
Date: 05-02-09 01:26 PM
By: Vhalar
Status: Unconfirmed

I set up 3 sets with my warrior:

-Set 1 for dps with fury spec (titan grip). I use 2 axes (two handed each ones)
-Set 2 for tank with my fury spec (titan grip). It just need to change my off hand for a shield.
-Set 3 for tank with def spec (no titan grip). One handed sword and a shield.

Now lets try:

I am with Set 1 and I switch to Set 3: no pb
I am with Set 3 and I switch to Set 1: everythings ok execepted my off hand isnt equiped.
I am with Set 1 and I switch to Set 2: no pb
I am with Set 2 and I switch to Set 1: my main hand is equiped with my off hand, and my off hand slot is empty.
I am with set 3 and I switch to Set 2: everythings ok excepted my shield isnt equiped.

At first look, the problem seem coming from titan grip talent.

ps: i am using Item Rack 2.25

Thanks you for this addon and continue this great work ;)

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By: Vhalar - 05-02-09 02:01 PM
I just saw a post from Tiron who found the error as he says here:

The pb is easily corrected in following Tiron's post.
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