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Suggestion for really helpful new addon
Feature #: 475
File: Miscellaneous
Date: 04-08-06 08:37 AM
By: billi_wow
Status: Under Review
First, I'm really impressed with ItemRack - it's a really helpful and polished bit of coding. Many thanks.

Now, the bar got me thinking. I've been looking for an intelligent bar addon that will behave a little like the ItemRack bar, but works for inventory items. For example you create food, bandage, potion etc slots with your most commonly used food available by default. Then when you hover over the slot, all the other items of that type in your inventory pop up above, and then you can either use them or select them as your default (also kind of like TrinketMenu).

There are things like AutoBar out there, but they just aren't as user-friendly as the ItemRack bar (AutoBar stacks items but won't let you swap items in the main interface), and since ItemRack / TrinketMenu have most of the code already, I thought I'd suggest it.

Keep up the good work, and thx again for a great addon.