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ID Feature Date By Status Interface Comment Reverse Sort Order
4092 Buttonfacade support 03-29-10 06:32 PM Toran Under Review Who Framed Watcher Wabbit? None.
4121 Add option to hide tooltip when in combat 05-08-10 07:59 AM trclocke Under Review TipTop None.
4151 Enemy player class colored border 06-17-10 05:40 PM Starinnia Under Review TipTop None.
4389 Moving duration text 02-17-11 10:16 PM Seerah Under Review ShinyBuffs None.
4470 Hide map texts/time/icons until mouseover 07-08-11 06:52 AM Mooshroom Under Review PocketPlot None.
4576 guild rank 08-20-12 03:28 PM Sockz0r Under Review TipTop None.
4581 Need/Greed numbers for GroupLoot 08-29-12 02:53 PM Miu Under Review LovelyLoot None.
4634 Guild Rank display in Toptip 01-30-13 12:14 AM Maverine Feature Implemented TipTop None.
4647 Updated Buttons 04-11-13 08:42 AM Kendian Flagged for Future Version AI-Art MicroMenu None.
4685 No NPC class colors and percent with health abbreviation. 05-07-14 04:46 AM SantiagoSkywall Under Review TipTop None.