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Tooltip resizes, despite showing the correct size in options
Bug #: 6356
File: TipTop
Date: 01-01-10 10:20 AM
By: Tinuviel
Status: Cant Reproduce
I'm not sure why this is doing this with the latest version, but it is.

I'll log off a character, log onto another, and the tooltip will resize to scale size 1, instead of .9, which is what I have it set on. When I go into options, it says the size is .9, but it is not. If I go and type in the size of .9 again, it is the correct size.

There are no errors given. I have removed the tiptop folder and all the saved files in folders, reinstalled the addon, and it continues to do this. This did not occur in previous versions. I am using version 2.3.2.

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By: Seerah - 01-15-10 09:25 AM
This works fine for me. I'm assuming that you have another addon messing with the scale of the tooltip. Disable all addons to see if the problem goes away (it should). You'll just have to find who the culprit is then.