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Lua Error while questing in Dragonblight
Bug #: 7370
File: ShinyBuffs
Date: 04-02-11 01:51 AM
By: Katardre
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I am on the quest Lumber Hack where I am in a vehicle(Xink's Shredder) cutting down trees and fighting harpys...the harpys attack and put a debuff on me called "Eye Peck" and the error comes up...I cannot close the error window until the debuff falls off...and it comes back up the next time they cast Eye Peck on me...if I fight them without being in the shredder there is no error message...

I exited the game and removed all my addons except ShinyBuffs and I also removed my WTF folder to reset ShinyBuffs to default and to ensure it was specific to ShinyBuffs and not a taint issue...and I still got the error while fighting in the shredder...

Message: Interface\AddOns\ShinyBuffs\ShinyBuffs.lua:158: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'exps' (a nil value)
Time: 04/02/11 02:22:53
Count: 521
Stack: Interface\AddOns\ShinyBuffs\ShinyBuffs.lua:158: in function <Interface\AddOns\ShinyBuffs\ShinyBuffs.lua:151>

Locals: self = <unnamed> {
0 = <userdata>
elapsed = 0.0090000005438924
_ = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
dur = nil
exps = nil
(*temporary) = 4823.943
(*temporary) = 4823.943
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'exps' (a nil value)"
timer = 4.9070002958179
i = 1

I'll hang on to the quest and wait for an update since it's the first error I've gotten from ShinyBuffs and I'd like to be able to confirm it is fixed...

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By: Katardre - 04-02-11 01:56 AM
Sorry, I completely overlooked the already existing error report(7338) about this very same thing...so I guess you already know about this one and will have it fixed in the next update...please disregard my report...thanks
By: Seerah - 04-03-11 06:32 PM
Yeah, sorry I haven't gotten it uploaded yet! Will do so soon.