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Minimap not draggable after selecting minimap mover
Bug #: 7528
File: PocketPlot
Date: 10-01-11 02:30 AM
By: thaddru
Status: Cant Reproduce
Hello, I recently installed Pocketplot 9/30/11. I am currently unable to drag the minimap to a new location after enabling the mover in the frame locations section. All other movers that I enable are functioning. The only way I can persuade the minimap to move is via the nudge buttons.

Also, after using the restore positions button, the map reset to default location in up upper right corner of ui, enabled mover, still unable to drag, tried nudge button, and the minimap leaped across the screen and positioned itself exactly opposite of default location on the upper left corner of ui.

Tried a fresh re-install of the addon, and problem persists.

Thanks for a great addon, look forward to using it for a long time.:D

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By: thaddru - 10-01-11 02:35 AM
Edit: disabled all addons except Pocketplot. Problem persists.
By: Seerah - 10-01-11 01:40 PM
By "fresh re-install of the addon", do you mean that you also deleted the saved variables files? (Though that shouldn't prevent you from moving it...)

I just tested. The minimap moves fine. You're certain *all* other addons were disabled?