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Lua Error on Inspect
Bug #: 7608
File: TipTop
Date: 01-02-12 04:33 AM
By: syrik77
Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)
This mod is causing a repeatable, stacking LUA error whenever I inspect another player. After Inspection the LUA error starts and will continue indefinitely adding counts eventually causing impairment of the game slowing it down. It is most definitely this mod, I confirmed this by running without any mods and installing just this one alone. It does it like clockwork.

This error used to show up in the beginning of Cataclysm and took a long time to get solved by other tooltip mods I used in the past. Yours is the only one left being supported so I hope this bug can be squashed.

Text of message, copy/pasted from in game:

Message: ...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:18: Usage: GetGuildInfo("unit")
Time: 01/02/12 04:32:07
Count: 37
Stack: [C]: in function `GetGuildInfo'
...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:18: in function `InspectGuildFrame_Update'
...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:8: in function <...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:6>

Locals: (*temporary) = nil

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By: Seerah - 01-02-12 06:17 PM
As posted in the past, this is not an error with TipTop. It's an error in the default UI. This should actually be avoided in TipTop as I do not check for talents if the default Inspect window is open. If you do actually have the latest version of TipTop, then download and install the InspectFix addon.
By: syrik77 - 01-03-12 04:06 PM
As it is, I can't use this mod. This issue was solved by the writer of TipTac, perhaps you and they could work together or you can take a look as how they solved it. In fact, I've found out, despite TipTac saying it's out of date it works just fine with the new patch. It is providing spec information and no LUA errors whatsoever. Whatever is causing it, mods have to play nice with WoW and not the other way around. The game causes no errors without your mod installed, with it it does. The error isn't in WoW. I don't mean to be argumentative, but as this issue has been solved by another modder, perhaps you should take another look.
By: Seerah - 01-03-12 04:22 PM
"This should actually be avoided in TipTop as I do not check for talents if the default Inspect window is open."
I did this on purpose in TipTop to avoid the error in the default client. It *is* an error in the default client. My addons do "play nice with WoW". This is a documented error. And the addon I recommended to fix it (if for some strange reason you're still seeing the error with only TipTop enabled, which I haven't seen that error in a long time myself) really does exist. Perhaps the author of TipTac just incorporated InspectFix into TipTac itself.

And, of course the game causes no errors without addons. The error is caused by the Blizz code not checking the GUID of the unit returned by an inspect query of an addon. This GUID arg was added for a reason by Blizz so that addons would not step on eachother's toes when inspecting, but the Blizz UI forgot to account for it in the InspectFrame code.

I gave you a solution. /shrug I know fully well what that error is and what causes it. I've seen it plenty of times by users of plenty of addons. I have no idea why your TipTop would be asking the server for inspect information when the default InspectFrame is open. I specifically have it set not to in the code.
By: Seerah - 01-03-12 04:23 PM