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silver dragon rare border doesn't appear
Bug #: 7689
File: TipTop
Date: 06-28-12 03:58 PM
By: claudekennilol
Status: Not a Bug
I've reported this before on curse (albeit a long time ago) and you (or if you haven't always been the author then whoever it was back then) said you couldn't reproduce it. But here it is with my cursor over a rare mob and the option screen showing that it is supposed to be showing.


if the above link doesn't work, then just know that it's a picture of me with my cursor over a rare spawn (dead) that has no silver dragon border and the option page open showing that it's enabled.

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By: Seerah - 06-28-12 05:30 PM
This addon has never been hosted on Curse.

The mob in your screenshot is only Rare, not Rare Elite. That's why the elite dragon does not show.