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Strange behaviour with the colour of the names
Bug #: 7828
File: TipTop
Date: 09-30-12 06:05 AM
By: mizrolist
Status: Not a Bug
I use TipTop with many characters, but one - and only one - of them has a problems with the colour of the names. It's my main, a druid; all of the names in the tooltip are yellow (neutral) for her... friends, enemies, neutral NPCs. None of my other characters have this problem, and I don't know why it's happening; there isn't any error message. maybe it's a problem with an other addon - I'll try to sort that out too.
I'm using a single global profile, so it can't be a problem caused by a character-specific setting.

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By: Seerah - 09-30-12 04:42 PM
Disable all other addons on that character except TipTop and try again. TipTop does not change the color of the names on the tooltip at all. If the problem goes away with only TipTop enabled, it should confirm that it is caused by another addon. Perhaps one that you only have enabled on your druid.
By: mizrolist - 10-01-12 04:54 PM
I found it: SymbioTeller caused the problem. Please close this ticket