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Offset to tip at cursor please.
Feature #: 4411
File: TipTop
Date: 03-02-11 06:58 PM
By: Šynasty
Status: Wont add Feature
Option to offset the tooltip from the cursor. Even just the code would be fine no need to add it right in the options panel unless you wanna go through all that :)

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By: Seerah - 03-02-11 07:39 PM
From the FAQ on the TipTop description page:
How do I move the tooltip?
In the TipTop config window, scroll down until you see the anchor settings. You may either anchor the mouse to the cursor, or to a side/corner of the screen. Note that x,y offsets only work when the tip is *not* anchored to the cursor. This is a limitation set by the game's API, and I will not code in the hacks that other tooltip addons use to get around this. I suggest using the alpha setting instead so the tip doesn't block your view so much.

I want the tooltip offset from the cursor - will you add it or is it bugged?
See above.