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World Map
Feature #: 4488
File: PocketPlot
Date: 08-30-11 01:13 PM
By: magicgraduate
Status: Feature already added
Hi! Love your addon, have had a hard time finding a good looking minimap that has all the features I want. One thing though, it'd be really great if you could maybe add in a way of right or middle clicking on the map to get the world map to pop up. I have a keybind but it's hard to break the habit of mousing over the map trying to find my map button.

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By: Seerah - 08-30-11 04:03 PM
If you click the coordinates it will open the map. It should be listed in the tooltip for the coordinates.
By: magicgraduate - 08-30-11 06:23 PM
Ahh okay.