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Non-Class Colours for NPC/Mobs
Feature #: 4587
File: TipTop
Date: 09-01-12 12:52 PM
By: Uggers
Status: Under Review
Is it possible to allow for a separate set of settings for NPC/Mobs

Such as turning of class colours?

Thanks for a great adon

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By: Seerah - 09-01-12 12:58 PM
If you enable difficulty coloring for the border, then friendly units will color by class and all others will color by difficulty.

You'll need to convince me to do more than what's already there, though.

(Personally, though, I find it useful to see if an NPC is a caster or not. )
By: Uggers - 09-02-12 04:04 AM
That's fair enough, I realise its aesthetics, but for me, I've always prefered;

NPC and Mobs with Green Health Bar and a selectable color for border
Players - Class Color Border and Healthbar

Mobs I do see the point although to be honest you usually know just by looking at it, and NPC's its really wierd seeing all sorts of random colors for just general NPCs as Blizzard just chucks a random class at them as they don't care what it is as its not designed to do anything other than Guards which are all warriors.
By: Uggers - 09-02-12 04:07 AM
Sorry, is it also possible to turn off or adjust the greyed over tt when a mob is dead?