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ID Feature Date By Reverse Sort Order Status Interface Comment
3973 Name displays 01-08-10 04:36 PM biniok Wont add Feature TipTop None.
4476 Option to hide player titles in toolip. 07-26-11 12:12 AM Ava Pug Wont add Feature TipTop
By: Seerah
07-26-11 10:55 AM
4274 Separately reanchor non-mouseover-3Dworld tooltips 10-30-10 05:09 PM Asheyla Under Review TipTop None.
4735 Add optional text next to icon in display 02-23-15 09:18 PM almty1 Under Review Broker_WoDCurrency None.
3897 Treshold for sell list 11-14-09 01:41 AM Alisu Under Review VendorMaster None.
4232 OnCursor offset/anchor 10-14-10 11:07 AM Alekc Wont add Feature TipTop
By: Seerah
10-14-10 12:56 PM