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    Personal Sentry download history:

    Personal Sentry v1.54b
    • Fixed non-pvp players acquired via the minimap not being removed from the popup when moused-over.
    • Fixed player popup sounds and warnings being repeated for every combat event when being 'guessed'.
    • Fixed 'HitList' players not being automatically announced when the option was set to 'Only when they damage me'.
    • Fixed damaging and healing players not being automatically announced once thier data was 'known' when the option was set to 'Only when they damage me'.
    • Fixed 'Who' window randomly appearing when crossing zones quickly.

    Personal Sentry v1.54
    • Fixed some announce channels that weren't always working.
    • Fixed 'Artwork' frame strata creating errors in the FrameXML.log file.
    • Fixed greened-out 'Clear Targets' button when acquiring your first popup target.
    • Fixed popup NPC's that attack your party being removed upon targetting/mouse-over and reappearing when detected through the combat log repeatedly when Sentry Filter was set to 'Flagged and Elite Enemies'.
    • Updated German localization for Neutral zones and BG names. Now Addon Mode should function properly for all supported languages.
    • Added placeholder German and French localizations for the WoW races. (to be translated later)
    • Removed the PS_AbilityList.lua file and placed it's contents within the localization files. This will allow French and German clients to eventually use the 'Best Guess' feature once the abilities have been properly translated.

    Personal Sentry v1.53
    • Fixed blanked out 'Clear Targets' button when Automatic Notifications fired.
    • Fixed healers being automatically announced when they heal players that haven't damaged you and weren't on your 'HitList' when option was set to 'Only when they damage me'.
    • Fixed Addon not turning off when exitting BG/Arenas when it was set to.
    • Fixed party members target information not updating.
    • Seperated localization files for easier modification.
    • Moved localization data from the Options Form into the new localization files. (Thanks Minihunt and HatteSoul for translations!)
    • Fixed 'Who' window appearing every time you zone when Addon Mode was set not set to 'Enabled'.
    • Added new Addon Mode options: 'ENABLED EXCEPT ARENAS' and 'ENABLED EXCEPT BG' (requested).

    Personal Sentry v1.52
    • Fixed temporary data not being not being purged. Don't panic! You will probably notice a very large number of purges on your first login since this has been broken for quite awhile!
    • Fixed some targets being automatically announced when the option was set to 'OFF'.
    • Fixed pet owner level detection not updating when thier pet was acquired.
    • Fixed Shaman 'Ghost Wolf' form causing them to appear as NPC's.
    • Fixed random appearance of the 'Who' window when crossing zones.
    • Made it optional for the popup to clear when loading into a new zone. (Default: Enabled)
    • Added 'Guild' to announce channel options.

    Personal Sentry v1.51
    • *REALLY* fixed System Messages being randomly blocked.
    • Updated more German parse localization fixes.

    Personal Sentry v1.50
    • Fixed random Enemy Players converting to Friendly NPC icon and color when the popup redraws.
    • Automatic Notification will now also announce enemy Healers in all modes.
    • Updated German parse localizations. (Thanks HatteSoul!)
    • Updated German 'Read Me' text file. (Thanks Ahtmos!)

    Personal Sentry v1.49
    • Fixed DoT type spells (not affecting your character) not being detected by the combat log parser.
    • Fixed 'HitList' players not always being automatically announced when they should be.
    • Fixed 'Spirit Bond' spell making Hunter's pets appear as Hunters on the popup.
    • Fixed random occurances of 'Who List' and friends/guild chat messages being blocked.

    Personal Sentry v1.48
    • Fixed localization for 'Clear Targets'.
    • Added new announcement option 'LOCAL DEFENSE/AUTO' which will default to the LocalDefense channel unless you are in a non-bg raid or party, in which case it would announce to raid or party instead.

    Personal Sentry v1.47
    • Added a close button to the 'HitList' window.
    • Improved French and German localization for the recently added 'HitList' window.
    • Fixed targets no longer being detected once they have 'timed-out' from the popup.
    • Fixed hunter's newly tamed pets appearing as thier pet on the popup when the creature name is acquired.
    • Fixed Automatic Announcements not firing until you're hit again after identifying a target when set to 'Only when they damage me'.

    Personal Sentry v1.46
    • Fixed 'not specified' race for Shadow Fiend pets. They will now appear as 'Illusionary'.
    • Fixed newly added/removed 'HitList' players that were not within target range causing the popup to stop updating timer/damage/heal/health/hitlist status.
    • Added a new slider to the options menu to choose the number of days players must go unseen before they are removed from your 'HitList'. (Since this data wasn't previously being kept track of everyone starts out last seen TODAY)
    • Typing '/ps hitlist' or Left-clicking the PS Icon will now bring up a scrollable window of your current 'HitList' with your targets in the order of last-seen. You can left-click any entry to remove it or click a removed player again to re-add them. Just press the 'Escape' key or left-click the PS Icon again to close the window.

    [b]Personal Sentry v1.45b{/B]
    • Fixed DEBUG info spamming chat window.

    Personal Sentry v1.45
    • Fixed blank data being saved for manually entered 'HitList' players.
    • Fixed BG/Arena level data inaccuracy due to not reading the proper zone name.
    • Fixed announcements not reporting the correct level when the target is able to be targetted.
    • Fixed blank data being saved for minimap targets that didn't fit the Tracking filter criteria.
    • Fixed NPC's not being removed from the popup when Sentry and Tracking filters were changed to find Players and/or Enemy Players.
    • Added French and German localization for the 'Clear Targets' button.
    • Added the ability to remove ALL 'HitList' players at once with the command '/ps hitlist clear'.
    • Added 'stealth' status to the warning announcements. If a Druid or Rogue are not targettable when you go to announce them they will be announced *STEALTHED*.
    • 'Unknown' targets that are left-click targetted will once again refresh in the same popup position (if not filtered out) instead of dropping to the end of the list.
    • When the addon is not enabled it will no longer poll for screen updates, thus decreasing processor load.
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