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    Welcome to X Factory!

    Hello Tourists,
    I would like to thank you for taking the X Factory Tour.
    This is the X Factory Bulletin Board!
    Here is where our Developers will let the public know about Products we will be offering,
    and/or anything about any Products that are currently in Production.

    Thank You!
    X Factory President

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    [ Disbanded Revelation ]

    If you have not downloaded any X factory Products from either WoW Interface, The X Factory Site or any of the X Factory Aprooved Distributors Sites on the X Factory Distributors List, Then X Factory does not Warranty the said Product. Illegal reproduction of X Factory Products is prohibited and violators will be beheaded, skinned to make X Factory Gear and fed to the X Factory Guard Boars!
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    05-01-07 12:06 PM by: Xykon
    No Major Changes, just a few little tweaks and some other non important updates.
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    05-01-07 12:04 PM by: Xykon
    Adding some F.A.Q as I recieve Questions!