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    09-29-11 01:31 PM by: xerga
    So I took a year off from WoW and went to nursing school! But now that I'm finished, it's time I update my UI for Cataclysm. Update coming soon!

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    08-21-10 05:25 PM by: xerga
    Some things I've been thinking about doing to TashiyaUI:
    • Reposition DXE bars & text to be less obtrusive (not in the center of the screen anymore, except for vital things happening soon)

    Will add more as I think of them.
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    08-13-10 06:00 AM by: xerga
    Tashiya UI has now been updated to Version 1.0! Enjoy!!!
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    08-10-10 10:58 PM by: xerga
    Well, sadly my raid didn't happen. But I did go to ToC10 (as dps, my new main spec!), so I got a new screenshot of the UI:

    Notable changes:
    - Removed Blizzard's frame on the right hand side of the screen shown in encounters such as Gunship Battle, etc.
    - Added Parrot combat text
    - Changed Recount's color settings to be a little less intrusive
    - Reworked some of Prat's options to be a little cleaner
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    08-09-10 08:31 PM by: xerga
    I'm in the process of cleaning up Tashiya UI for an update. I have changed a few things, reworked a couple others to make it cleaner. I will post a screenshot here probably tomorrow night after my raid. Update to follow soon as I can get it all worked out, definitely within the week, though.