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Option to disable automatic backups.
Feature #: 2616
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)
Date: 02-29-08 07:35 PM
By: break19
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Really, since WowI usually keeps "archived copies" of previous addon versions, there's no need for the backup, especially since it doesnt appear to back up Saved Variables.. please give us an option to simply disable the automatic backups.

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By: Shirik - 03-01-08 02:29 AM
The manager SHOULD back up saved variables -- if it is not this is a bug and should be posted in the bug reports area with a relevant log.

As for the suggestion of being able to disable backups, this will likely be added to the configuration panel in 0.3. Thanks for the suggestion.

-- Shirik