11-16-07 11:52 AM by: MoonWitch
Welcome to my new portal. I am a new Interface-modifying persona, so I don't claim to be uber in whatever I do, but I try my best. My main focus will be in changing the default blizzard UI elements to suit my own needs (and yours too now ) without adding much strain to a system, seeing as my own gaming rig is quite old now.

Whereas most people here actually write mods, I like to think of myself as a beautifier, I try to enhance the look of things. In case you wonder how I come up with ideas, I think in themes. I am a web designer and ported my methods over to WoW UI design. eg. I would like to create a style in stone, then I will make the textures for minimap, icons, cyCircled etc to match the theme. I dislike disharmony in look and feel, so you most likely won't catch me making UI containing flashy colors - though I may one day just for kicks :P