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    12-23-08 06:35 AM by: Roath
    Ok, so developement on my actionbars have gone a bit slower than i would have liked... i blame santa

    Anyway, i do atleast have some good news for you

    All interface options depicted on the screenshots in the previous news post all work, except the hide out of combat one (i still suck at making stuff not taint the UI).

    I might end up having to use alot of the code use in nMainbar (Great work done by Neal) mainly because i have yet to experience any taint caused by his addon, so using his addon as a base for mine would be great.

    Currently some closed apha testing is being done by me and a couple of friends using a version based off of nMainBar mentioned above, it however does not include any of the pet/stance/possess actionbars and still causes taint (my code sucks )

    Who knows, maybe someone else will release an addon that does exactly what mine will do before i get mine done, just take a look at nMainBar, its not that far off.

    If anyone is up for helping me, let me know
    Not much new to say here, except enjoy the first preview of the interface options for Roath Actionbars:

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    11-28-08 02:46 AM by: Roath
    I thought that out of respect for anyone actually reading this (i highly doubt anyone does) that i should give you a progress update/report/shout etc.

    As i mentioned earlier, my new actionbars, athough looking exactly like the original ones, will be using Ace3 libraries.

    because of that i have really saved some time, since i dont need to reinvent the wheel, and on top of that i have smaller chance to mess something up.

    So, here is what my addon already can in its closed alpha state (no, i wont post it here yet).
    • Slash Commands
      But the original already had this...?
      Yes, but this time it has been made better... Ace3 really gives some very nice tools for this (You'd have to work with Ace3 yourself to know what i mean)
    • Interface Options
      Yup, all slash commands are now also represented in the interface options, if only i had used Ace before this could have been a reality in my actionbars before i stopped playing wow
    • System Menu & Bags fixed
      My old addon had a bug introduced with wow 3.x.x that the menu (and in semirare cases the bags aswell) appeared, and you had to hide them again. Thanks to the magic from the realm of Ace3 i havent been able to reproduce this bug anymore.
    As you can tell, I'm really enjoying working with Ace3, for any players out there wanting to try making an addon on their own, i recommend learning to use the Ace3 framework from the beginning, it really shaves off hours of work.

    Ofcourse every setting associated with the addon is saved in character specific savedvariables, incase you want to have different settings per character. i MIGHT (read: probably not) make an import function to import settings from other chars.

    Reproduce the original addon, no new features or anything, using Ace3.
    I have planned other features for it, but they will come as optional files for the addon so that you can choose what extra features you want.
    In short: i want to keep it simple, no need for a skyscraper if you're only looking for a basement. I want to give whoever will be using this, the ability to customize the addon as much as possible, without forcing them.

    The addon will come with the following default settings:
    • Gryphon Artwork
    • Bags
    • Menu
    • Actionbars
      First extra actionbar shown, second is hidden.

    I am far from a good developer, so I am taking my time with this addon, i cannot say when i will release the first public alpha, i hope that i will next week, but it really depends on if i get it all working as i want.

    So, why wait with posting it here if i need help testing?
    Well, maybe because i havent done the actualy actionbars yet... it might sound weird since thats what the addon is all about, but i never made any interface options before, so im running several tests with them atm. to see how much i can do (and wow, i can do alot).

    The most prominent problems of my original actionbars where:
    • Strange memory usage, the addon used more memory than it should (bad Roath, BAD!)
    • Addon tainting, this especially happened during combat, or after zoning, which would cause the actionbars to move around sometimes.
    Those two problems are two that i dont even want ANY trace of in my addon, granted, not even the alpha, as they are caused by simple bad coding on my part (im still a newb at lua). Thankfully Ace3 supplies alot of help that could prevent that from happening.

    If you want to get a chance to test the actionbars pre-public alpha, throw me a PM.
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    11-26-08 05:31 AM by: Roath
    Yup, I requested Cairenn to remove all my addons.

    "Why?" you might ask, and an answer you shall get

    I stopped playing Wow several months before WotLK was release, basically it bored me, nothing interresting for me (even though i was in author beta, working on my addons there).
    But then came WotLK release date and suddenly the postman knocked on my door, turns out that i forgot to cancel my preorder of WotLK collectors edition.
    But now i'm very happy that i forgot since the wow bug has bitten me yet again and i'm levelling away on my DK

    Now... history lesson is over, the real deal why i requested them deleted is very simple:
    I am starting from scratch.
    Many of you would agree that my addons were buggy to say the least, so starting from scratch is the only logical solution i can think of. Ofcourse i will still keep the concept of "using blizzards own graphics/actionbars but making it simpler".
    Hopefully sometime in December i will be posting the first public alpha version so that you all can help me get it running perfectly in WotLK.

    For now i recommend using SimpleBar since it (in my opinion) is the version with less bugs in it that works with WotLK (he/she even squished some of my own bugs, lol)

    I thank all of you who have requested an updated version of my actionbars, and i thank all of you who have taken my actionbars and updated them yourself even more.

    Now for some snazzy gibberish:

    Blueprint for planned features in Roath Actionbars:
    • Interface options
    • Slash command (well duh!)
    • Gryphons show/hide (remembers)
    • bags, system menu show/hide (remembers)
    • Alignment changer (some might want it at the side instead of center)
    • Out of Combat hide (for those who want to keep it minimalistic)
    • Choices of cap artwork (Gryphons, Lions, Bats etc.)
    • XP/Rep colors changable (never done this before, will be interresting)
    • Fubar/Titan support (No, not an icon, but the bar should now move if any of them is below it instead of displaying over/under it)
    • Make castbar offset from actionbars changeable
    Bluepring for planned features in Roath Unitframes:
    • Interface options
    • Slash command
    • Change artwork per frame (maybe even allow custom artwork?)
    • Allow beta/alpha DK unitframes to be used (if you're a DK)
    • Better alignment and position support
    • Remove target castbar
    • Add identical copy of player castbar to display target castbar
    Bluepring for planned general features in Roath Core:
    • Interface options in one place for all Roath addons
    • one slash command for all roath addons
    • it will be a required dependency
    Please remember that the above is a blueprint, i might fold some features into sub-addons so that the main addon is kept simple and small in file and memory size. To that extent i will also be using the Ace libraries instead of re-inventing the wheel.

    Please dont PM me asking for the alpha i'm currently using as i will release it here when i find it appropriate for public testing.
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    01-25-08 02:47 AM by: Roath
    Welcome to my Portal.

    This is where i will write news about updates, F.a.q.'s and accept bugreports and feature requests ofcourse.

    I am still very new to LUA, but I'm always willing to learn, i've learned alot these last few days where i started from having very little LUA knowledge (which is still true) to coding my own addons that uses savedvariables, something i didn't plan on from the start nor expected to do, but i'm happy i did

    Feel free to post bug reports aswell as feature requests, but bear in mind that not all requests will be met as i want to keep it simple and functional.