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05-08-06 01:15 PM by: Shag
I hope to release more of my ColdFusion AddOns, it should include ColdFusionShell , an advanced keybinding AddOn, a raid-AddOn and possibly more to complete the compilation.

Be sure to check out ColdFusionShell and report all bugs you can find, once it spreads around and I iron out the bugs it will be an awesome replacement for the default keybindings dialogue.
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04-15-06 06:07 PM by: Shag
LuaProfiler is a lua function profiler which traces functions and records timing data. It's based on Gello's OnEventWatch but traces all functions and also shows how much the function execution time is compared to the overall game run time (how much time in % has been spend in a function).
It lets you hook functions based on patterns and also supports OO-addons, like Ace.

The zoning-fix addons have showed us that the vast majority of current addon are very inefficient WRT events (and other performance decreasing aspects). It's time for each developer to take a break, stop implementing new features and review the code to ensure a smooth gameplay for all who use their addons.
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04-13-06 06:29 PM by: Shag
I've just uploaded my newest AddOn: HealSync. It will help in large raid groups and encounters where many healers heal the same target. It displays a castbar for each healer that is healing your target, along with the spell name and the name of the haler.
It is designed to be small and efficient, it creates the frames dynamicaly (on-demand) and uses a sophisticated inter-client communication protocol.
it also tries to compensate lag so the castingbar should be acurate to ~0.2 seconds (that's a guess).

Grab it here while it's fresh: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4835
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04-12-06 12:11 AM by: Shag
As discussed a couple of days ago in #wowi-lounge, I've written a library, IFrameFactory, that helps to manage dynamically created frames. It's very small but does its job very well. This library is part of 'coolDown' and helps there to manage the button and icon frames. Using that I've greatly reduced the loadtime and memory footprint of the addon: 'coolDown' doesn't create the frames as long as there is no need to and re-uses existing frames as much as possible.

IFrameFactory is useful for addons that create lots of small frames but rarely use them. A Raid addon for example doesn't need to create all 40 unit-frames at load-time, because even if someone is in a raid group the raid group doesn't have to be full, think of ZG/AQ20 raids. Or addons that create lots of icons for the world-map, only to use very few of them.
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04-06-06 02:49 PM by: Shag
I've taken a timeout from World of Warcraft, didn't play in the last few months, WoW just doesn't satisfy me, it isn't fun anymore, and this, unfortunately, will stay so for the next few months.
And I also didin't worlk on my addons. But I'll resume my work once I've set up trac (http://trac.edgewall.com) and copied the files from my perforce repository to subversion. And once I'll come up with a nice domainname I'll create a nice webpage with my WoW addons and other projects I've been working on.
This, however, will take some time and I won't make any promises, but I hope to finish the transition during the next month.