I've updated Coins2Txt again in an effort to try to make it the best mod I can make it.

I did notice though when doing so that I'd gotten a low vote on it, and quite recently in fact. I'm given to wonder; what constitutes the criteria behind voting high or low on a mod?

When I vote, I tend to go by one, simple idea: Does the mod do what it claims to, and does it do that task well? If both conditions are true, I award the mod with a good score. I don't really award bad scores but that's because I was taught that if y'don't have anything good to say... well, you all know how that goes.

Coins2Txt is the best mod I could make it, and it does what it describes. So why would it be worthy of a one-star vote? If someone thinks my mod could use work in an area, I wish they'd come forward and say so, instead of sniping votes. I always try to listen to feedback and that's been evidenced in my mods already I think (see: Atmosphere).

Of course, it could be that some people vote ones on things unnecessarily because they're too much of a Judas. Of course, if that's the case with any given voter, then I award them with one star--at life.