I've been pondering about Secretary of late, and what I should have it do. I've been wondering even whether I should have it do anything else, since it seems pretty much perfect as it is.

I had considered adding a module to temporarily add people to your whitelist (for the session) if you do positive emotes at them, but such a module would be bloaty and would need to be localised (as DoEmote doesn't seem to pass units or unit-names if hooked, thanks Blizz).

I'm happy with Secretary as it is, but I know some won't use it unless there's that buffer there that'll help them catch whispers they'd want from people they were just friendly with but hadn't added to their friends list yet. I've been thinking about how to go about this, but I don't have the perfect idea... not yet, anyway.

So here's where you come in...

If you have an idea, any idea, feel free to share it as a feature request, or post on the mod's forum, or send me a PM, whichever you like. I'd be very interested in what you have to say.