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BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
7231 error message spam 01-31-11 09:16 AM def9 Cant Reproduce
By: funkydude
02-26-11 01:40 PM
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
7362 Level # appears in item, inv and url links. 03-24-11 03:57 PM ckramme Unconfirmed None.
8426 Real ID names not colored 03-27-16 03:34 PM katkabel Unconfirmed None.
BigWigs Bossmods
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
7699 Error while changing settings 07-22-12 04:00 PM p3lim Unconfirmed
By: p3lim
07-22-12 04:02 PM
8014 Faded Icons 08-07-13 12:01 PM zverbeek Unconfirmed None.
8025 Big Wigs: The addon 'BossNotes_Rules' is forcing Big Wigs to load prematurely 10-07-13 04:20 AM Dessembrae Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
8261 Interface\AddOns\!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:359: script ran too long 12-14-14 10:31 PM Thrumbar Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
8292 tried to call the protected function 'JoinBattlefield()' 02-26-15 02:57 PM Mahiro Unconfirmed None.