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Spacing between the timer bars & align text
Feature #: 4465
File: BigWigs Bossmods
Date: 06-28-11 05:16 PM
By: Tonyleila
Status: Under Review
1. woud be great to have an option to make a spacing between the timer bars
2. an option to align the text I woud be great! I like to have the text right-aligned instead of centred.
3. cut the text of at the end of the bar (in TFW Conclave of Wind there was a timer with more than 20 letters shown on my screen)

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By: Tonyleila - 07-18-11 05:25 AM
@ 3. i mean cut the text like this: Realy-verly-long-spellna... 1:33
in the moment it looks like this: Realy-verly-long-spellname1:3...
By: Tonyleila - 07-18-11 05:25 AM