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    02-09-06 01:39 PM by: Rallion
    Okay, SVEdit 1.4 is out and up.

    It wasn't a huge release, I would have liked to fit more into it -- but since it's been six months since I released the last version, I decided to just push it out the door.

    Plus, I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get the other changes in, and I really wanted to have the search feature and the new and faster variable list displaying out for people to have. And a couple bugfixes, one of which led to a crash.

    So, as soon as I can get it done, you'll see 1.5 which will finally take into account the fact that we now have multiple SV files and try to make them a bit easier to work with.
    02-07-06 07:39 AM by: Rallion
    Well, then, let's just open this up. Because I can. Woo!