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Seglberg is the Author of the New -Ace3- Addon [RepWatch]
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08-31-08 11:40 PM by: Seglberg
Hey everyone! I am happy to announce the Release of RepWatch 2.0 with the Release of Version 2.1.5.

This Version Includes all Rewritten Code for a More Stable, More Functional Addon. The new version Supports both Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade Clients and will require hardly any upgrading once the Expansion Arrives.

Please note that I still have many many zones to add, however this is easy and is only time consuming and so please be patient while I do this. I am aiming to finish BC Zones then head to Wrath Zones then come back and do Classic Zones.

Check for RepWatch Updates Often to Update Your Support Zone List and to clean out the Latest Bugs.
Several Bugs have already been identified and are in the works to be "bug bombed" out. Please check the Bug Reports in the Link to the Left for a List of Identified Bugs.

Thank you for using RepWatch and if you have any questions contact me in game on Thrall on my Horde Character: Seglberg.

Also! Please Report Bugs and Feature Requests in the Corresponding Links to the Left!

Thank you WoWI Community for Your Support!
- Seglberg
08-31-08 11:31 PM by: Seglberg
I need help with making lists of zones to add to the Addon. I only have Horde characters thus it is difficult for me to find and add Alliance Factions. If you have a high level Alliance Character and would like to participate in developing this addon please contact me at: [email protected]