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Disableing healer/healing spell name
Feature #: 3781
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 08-30-09 06:40 AM
By: Axler
Status: Under Review
Hello, first of all i would like to thank Grayhoof for this great addon, second of all i was wondering if it would be possible to separate the healer name and the incoming healing spell name in two different menus which could be enabled or disabled. In the SCT spells tab there is an option called "Healer name" with the description: Enables or disables showing who or what heals you. I have this option enabled and when i heal myself with a rejuvenation for example it shows the icon, the amount healed and the name of the healing spell, i would like to disable this because i don't need to see the name of the healing spell it is enough for me to see the icon of the spell and the amount it heals. If i disable this option though then i can see exactly the thing i mentioned the icon of the spell and the amount healed but then if i am getting healed by other healers it doesn't show their names anymore only the spell icon and amount healed and the way i would like this is that when i heal myself i only see icon/amount healed and when others are healing me to see icon amount healed and healer name who healed me, thanks.