06-11-11 12:03 PM by: EVmaker
Hey anyone that might read this, I apologize for the very big lack of updates for the past while, I did take a vacation from wow for a good amount of time but I am back and I'm already in the process of getting the 'main four' (Looter/UE/SkillsPayBills and XPGain) updated and released.

All four already work fine in 4.1, but I'm getting their TOC updates, as well as any major bug fixes/feature requests that were waiting since I took the wow vacation, UE and Looter are already waiting approval, the other two should be ready by the end of the day (mainly TOC updates).

For anyone that does see this I have a question, EasyShards and SimpleViperWarning are past their time of use short of being redesigned which I don't see as necessary at the moment, but are HealthPercents and PVPTimer still used or wanted?

I do plan to update those two as well at least once or twice more regardless, but if there isn't really any need for them I might add them to the list with EasyShards and SVW.