08-30-12 10:10 PM by: EVmaker
As may be easily guessed, for awhile now I had stopped playing wow, I was however keeping an eye on my mods so if there were any glaring bugs that cropped up I was ready to renew to fix them, but until 5.0.4 all of them pretty much worked still except for a couple issues (a bug with releasing on death with Useful Extras, the partyexp feature to see other party members experience in XPGain) which I kept note of.

5.0.4 like with alot of other mods however broke a good number more things, I've released 5.0.4 compatible versions of Useful Extras, Looter, SkillsPayBills and XPGain, all of them except UE are simply fixes for any outstanding bugs and a TOC update.

Useful Extras I've been meaning for a while to make a way that I/Others could easily tell if one of their mounts is or isn't currently supported by UE, so now when you do /ue list mounts, if a mount isn't it will have a "..Not Supported! ID: #" under it, if you see that then please send me the ID and I can add it right to the list.

Most mounts should be supported already, I've been keeping that up for the most part, but some of the mounts added since my Hiatus may not be, the next version I'll make a thorough pass to find any I don't already have listed.

All that said, I am playing WoW again, so the mods should be getting semi-regular updates again and some new features (I really do intend to make some decent GUI's for all the mods, I just am not a visual person, I work much better with code, but it's on the top of the Todo list of most of the mods)