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Feature #: 2993
File: Looter
Date: 10-21-08 01:15 PM
By: Apaseall
Status: Feature Implemented
Would it be possible to add items to the auto pickup list by dragging the item onto the looter window somewhere?

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By: EVmaker - 10-24-08 12:47 AM
That, or a similar option such as "shift-click the item" you want to add to the list is on the todo list.
By: Apaseall - 10-31-08 07:09 AM
Great, thanks
By: EVmaker - 11-01-08 06:38 AM
Added an implementation of this where you can mouseover an item in your bags or the loot window and do /looter add, or /looter remove to add or remove it from the custom loot list. I know this isn't quite 'shift click to add' or drag & drop, but its a step in that direction and I'm working on making it easier for the next version.
By: Apaseall - 11-01-08 07:49 AM
Great news, many many thanks
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