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Quest items
Feature #: 2994
File: Looter
Date: 10-21-08 01:18 PM
By: Apaseall
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I understand that quests that you are on have their quest objects added to the auto pickup list, and when you have finished/completed that quest they are removed.
Would it be possible to offer an option to pick up quest item types for sale in the auction house? That would be quest items that you do not currently need for any quests you are doing.

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By: EVmaker - 10-24-08 12:50 AM
Do you mean to autoloot general 'quest' items that might be used in other quests that you aren't currently on? If so that would be possible, however I don't believe there is a true 'this is a quest item' in terms of a flag we developers can get off an item (there might be, I'll look into it further). But if not, it'd be a very bloated addition since I would have to make a 'general quest item' loot list which would include every generic quest item drop in WoW, and that'd be a long and memory intensive process, at least I believe it'd be.
By: Apaseall - 10-31-08 07:09 AM
Yup I was meaning to autoloot generic quest items for quests that you are either not on or have already completed, for sale on AH. I believe even the basic info you get on mouse over of items has a comment about it being a quest item. Obviously I entirely agree that if you cannot pull this info directly, a long loot list would be out of the question.
By: EVmaker - 10-31-08 01:17 PM
I'll look into whats available to see if theres a way via the code to check that 'quest item' tag (I hope there is but I was looking for such a way before when I was implementing quest item looting for quests you do have), the part that displays in the tooltip could always be a blizzard only thing, they can do things the addon developers can't including a number of functions that addons can't access.

If theres not I'll just flag this for the LooterExtra's addon for Looter with Cooking ingrediant looting and other looting options which I think would be helpful but a little too intensive for Looter itself.
By: Apaseall - 11-01-08 07:57 AM
I agree with you, keep Looter as easy, as simplea and as light as possible.
If this means that a user has to load another addon like LootExtra to do the fancy things they desire, then thats their choice to take the possible performance hit.

However I wonder if Looter could make use of 'on-demand' addons.
Say for example, Looter as a shell interface, allowing toggles for various professions, which are only loaded if the user makes that selection.
So miners may have mining and prospecting but not say herb gathering.
I think that way would keep the 'size' of looter as small as the user wants. If they tick more professions etc, then they have to accept they may incure a performance hit.

Obviously this would require looter to have profiles enabled, so that a person with more than one character could set up one to mine and another to loot herbs.
If that user wanted to pick up stuff to mail to their alt, they would tick all the boxes that apply and set that as the default profile. Again in doing so its their choice to impose that load on their machine/game experience.
By: EVmaker - 11-01-08 11:53 AM
Actually that is a really good idea, not all things I'd want to implement that way (features themselves per se), but making the loot lists on-demand, or at least the more intensive ones (ala cooking, general quest items from the other feature request, etc..) would be an interesting way of adding it to Looter itself without needing to flag it for LooterExtras and without hitting the memory/performance load of Looter itself too much. I'll start looking into that as well.
By: Apaseall - 11-02-08 05:46 AM
Glad my ramblings could be of some interest