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Vocal Warning
Feature #: 3387
File: SimpleViperWarning
Date: 03-24-09 05:04 PM
By: Gwiez
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I often overlook blinking lights or flashing words, but I do hear most game noises. I've got the default complaining noises turned off, so I added in the "still recharging" vocal error to SVW.

This is the core of what I added:
PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Character\\Dwarf\\DwarfFemaleErrorMessages\\DwarfFemale_err_itemcooldown06.wav"); in SVW_OnEvent,
but writing the path in SVW_OnLoad to match the players gender and race.

Your other users may find this helpful or not. Just an idea.

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By: Gwiez - 03-24-09 05:31 PM
And naturally BE and Draenei are different paths, "Sound\\Character\\BloodElf\\BloodElfFemale_Err_ItemCooldown03.wav".
By: EVmaker - 03-24-09 10:11 PM
Actually I do think this is a good idea to be able to have a toggle for an audio warning as well, not sure I'd use the recharging sound though, I might just use that for the next version until I can find something that's a little more appropriate.