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Minimalist Features?
Feature #: 3419
File: Useful Extras
Date: 04-06-09 01:03 PM
By: EVmaker
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Posted by Skillz on WoWI:
Hey, I just stumbled upon your addon and it seems very promising!
Is there any chance you could integrate some of the options of the addon called minimalist? As it seems this addon is not updated anymore and it has so many great little extra's!

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By: EVmaker - 04-06-09 01:08 PM
I'll take a look at it, in the case of Minimap/Chat tweaks though I may or may not go with it, would depend on how small and simple the tweak is, because there are a great many good minimap/chat mods out there, and I don't really want to turn UE into another one.

At the very least, looking at the one screenshot provided, I might add toggles for Auto-Repair and Auto-Sell grey items, I was thinking of doing them but just hadn't gotten around to it, and they should be pretty simple and efficient to add.
By: EVmaker - 04-07-09 01:15 PM
Reply by Skillz on WoWI:
I love the options Minimalist and from what I know all are small tweaks. I think if you could combine them with yours, it would make one killer addon (imo). As long the options can be turned off/on, why not include them and let the user decide what he/she will use in the end?

Then again, you're the creater so it's up to you

Thank you for looking into it!
By: EVmaker - 04-07-09 01:15 PM
Well I've looked into it, and the majority of them are pretty small and simple (with the exception of the reputation stuff). What I meant before however is that I try to keep my mods to be small and efficient ones that don't take much of any memory or processor use, and some features (particularly ones that deal with incoming text for chat frames, that have to scan everything coming in) have more heavy of a performance hit then I want for my mods unless the mod is made to specifically do that sort of thing (why I'd said about there are plenty of good chat mods out there).

A number of the stuff I can see making an implementation of, it will need to wait till a version after the version I pretty much have ready for release now however as I'm going to have to recode/expand the options menu for the new options, its getting pretty crowded as is.