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Add Name by Real ID
Feature #: 4211
File: Useful Extras
Date: 09-22-10 04:13 AM
By: Thors Liebling
Status: Feature Implemented
It would be nice if I could add names by their real ID to enable automated acception for group invites.<br><br>

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By: EVmaker - 09-22-10 01:48 PM
Definitely looking into this for either the next release or the final 'cataclysm ready' release.
By: EVmaker - 12-13-10 06:38 PM
RealID support for whisper commands is complete, for the others like group invites will be in the next release, as that's going to take a fair bit of a workaround since group invites are sent by character and not by realID id.
By: EVmaker - 12-18-10 02:46 PM
When getting a group invite UE will check to see if the character inviting is the character of a currently online realid friend, which means as long as the allow friends to use whisper commands toggle is on, and they're a realid friend, it'll accept the group invite (assuming auto-accept group invites is on as well of course).

Now that doesn't allow for adding just specific realid friends, if there's interest in that I'll work on that for a future version, but for the meantime I'm setting this to implemented as it'll be in the next release shortly.
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