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auto select taxi /autoabandon quest
Feature #: 4217
File: Useful Extras
Date: 09-26-10 06:48 AM
By: kittykatmax
Status: Flagged for Future Version
There are a couple of other multi-box addons that add a feature whereby the "main" picks a taxi destination, and the others will choose the same taxi. Any chance you can "borrow" some code and incorporate it into UE? ;) An exmaple of an addon that offers this is at:

This same addon has a feature that if one toon abandons a quest, the other does.


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By: EVmaker - 09-27-10 06:05 PM
Should be easy enough, all it does is make use of addon communication channels to forward that data.

There are a number of things listed there that use the addon communication to achieve that would be useful for UE, I just have not done so because I have tried to keep addon communication in my mods to a minimum (I think XPGain uses the most since it lets you know the experience of anyone else in the party that uses the mod with a single command).

That said, I'll look into at least adding the two you mentioned in the next release before I hold off updates on the live version (and continue working on the cataclysm-ready version that is useable on the beta right now).
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