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    Version History - EpoxyTBC
    All mods updated to current versions
    Various undocumented changes
    Changed files in SETTINGS to help with the chatframe errors people have been getting in TBC
    Quick update before I split for the Holidays

    • AutoEmote - Automatically issues emotes back to the people who emote to you
    • Fence - A modular and lightweight Ace2 tool of the trade for the daily auction house business

    All mods updated to current versions
    Fixed Gratuity error in TBC
    Updated EpoxyUI.html with new mods and more slash commands
    • Cartographer - Removed Coords module, since NavigatorFu does the same
    • Chronometer - New spells and fixes
    • MusicStream - Added a bunch of new stations, see EpoxyUI.html for list
    • PlayerMenu - Removed Guild Invite due to errors
    • TinyTip - Fix for compact tooltip
    • XLoot - Lots of bugfixes

    • ClearFont2_Design - Included in ClearFont2
    • Prat_FuBar2 - Included in Prat

    • ClearFont2 - Next generation of ClearFont, with a FuBar Interface
    • MusicStream - Shoutcast streaming music with a FuBar interface, added some of my favorites
    • XLootMaster - Replaces default Master Loot UI, very slick

    All mods updated to current versions
    • Cartographer - Included Instance maps
    • Chronometer - Modified Rogue spells/abilities (needs testing)
    • Prat - Added modules which previously had issues
    • XLoot - Many fixes for random errors

    • ClearFont - Replaced with ClearFont2
    • ShoutCast! - Replaced with MusicStream

    • vBagnon_Forever - Working again

    All mods updated to current versions
    Numerous Locales updated (mostly Espanol)
    • Bongos - Update to fix Stance issues
    • Chronometer - Added some Rogue spells/abilities (needs testing)
    • Prat - Some changes to PlayerName defaults
    • XLoot - Added temp fix for re-applying Enchants/Poisons

    • Cartographer_Herbalism - Gatherer-type mod that tracks Herbs
    • Cartographer_Mining - Gatherer-type mod that tracks Mining nodes
    • SuperInspect - Improves the Inspect frame

    All mods updated to current versions
    As always, various undocumented changes :p
    New EpoxyUI.html file included with Addon listing, descriptions and slash commands
    • ClearFont - Set Calibri to Default font
    • ClosetGnome - Disabled Quips by Default (Chatspam messages)
    • SimpleCombatLog - Should now see more events
    • SuperInspect - Modified for use in BC and Live
    • XLoot - Removed XLoot settings from premade layout/config
    • WitchHunt - Set SpellAlerts to only display for Target

    • CW_Stuff - Replaced with TellTarget module for Prat
    • FruityLoots - XLoot is working again
    • vBagnon_Forever - Removed due to bugs with BC 2.0.3

    Initial release version compatible with Live and Burning Crusade
    Spent literally hours setting up custom layouts for 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. Please follow the included instructions.

    • AH_Wipe - Added a 'Reset' Button in the Auction House frame
    • ElkBuffBar - Moveable, scaleable buff timer bars
    • FruityLoots - A temporary fix for Xloot issues
    • FuBar_NavigatorFu - Adds location coords to Fubar and WorldMap
    • FuBar_RestFu - Displays rested xp for all of your characters
    • FuBar_SWStats2Fu - Fubar plugin for SW Stats
    • SW_Stats - Amazing DPS meter mod, I couldn't do without it

    Too many changes to list. Lets just say my eyes are falling out of my skull right now.

    • FuBar_TrackerFu - Trying to call protected functions = bad
    • oCB - IceHud casting bar is working fine now
    • SeriousBuffTimers - Replaced with ElkBuffBar

    • AutoProfit - Simple and works fine, as GarbageFu had errors
    • Bongos - Great Actionbar mod, with profiles
    • Bookmark - Must have for crafting, remembers popular items for crafting
    • Chronometer - Spell timer bar mod, excellent
    • FuBar_MCPFu - FuBar version of MCP
    • MyBindings2 - Awesome binding mod, fixed again for TBC
    • PlayerMenu - Right click player names in chat for a dropdown menu
    • SeriousBuffTimers - Replaces ImprovedBuffTimers
    • vBagnon - Updated version of Bagnon, has some minor bugs

    All mods updated to current versions
    As always, various undocumented changes :p
    Added custom layouts for 1280x1024 and 1024x768(also works with 1600x1200)
    • agUnitFrames - Changed default font for ABF style
    • Bugsack - Disabled Addon Blocked/Protected/Forbidden errors
    • Cartographer - Modified 'fog' color, removed Instance maps
    • FuBar_TopScoreFu - Should now save data properly
    • SCT - Changed defaults, fixed double damage text
    • Shoutcast! - Added another logout/relog detection to stop music when logging out

    • !RAID - Not raiding much in TBC, and Raiding mods are slim pickins
    • Bagnon - Updated to vBagnon
    • FuBar_FactionsFu - Found myself not using this, so I removed it
    • FuBar_GarbageFu - Had errors, replaced with AutoProfit
    • ImprovedBuffTimers - Replaced with SeriousBuffTimers
    • MCP - Replaced with FuBar_MCPFu
    • MrPlow - vBagnon has some nice sorting features which make MrPlow obsolete
    • RangeRecolor - Included feature in Bongos
    • Rawr - A fun mod, but not necessary
    • Surfaces - Optional for a bunch of textures for agUF, I like the included textures
    • SWStats - Data saved is huge, download it or DamageMeters seperately
    • TrinityButtons - Replaced with Bongos
    • XRS - Not much use for most players in TBC

    • InFlight - Fixed error

    • Mendeleev - Fixed error

    • Improved Buff Timers - Works fine, still no news on Buffalo

    All mods updated to current versions
    • Cartographer - Removed InstanceMaps since the files are
    • Closetgnome - Various improvements
    • Compost-2.0 - Various Wow2.0 improvements
    • Mendeleev - Various Wow2.0 improvements
    • Parser-2.0 - Bugfixes (missing some pairs)
    • Shoutcast! - Properly turns off when "PLAYER_LEAVING_WORLD".
    • SE-Aura-2.0 - Fixed UnitBuff and UnitDebuff
    • TinyTip - Buff/Debuff display should be working (fixed in r1117)

    Updating TrinityButtons requires you to delete some files. To do this:
    1) Browse to \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\Accountname\Servername\Charactername\SavedVariables\
    2) Delete the file TrinityButtons.lua
    3) Browse to \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\Accountname\Servername\Charactername\
    4) Delete the file layout-cache.txt

    • FuBar_GarbageFu - Works like AutoProfit with more options
    • ClosetGnome - Wardrobe mod with FuBar menu
    • XLootGroup - Minimalistic Group Loot frames
    • Shoutcast! - Listen to streaming music in game (see shoutcast.txt for instructions)

    All mods updated to current versions
    Various undocumented changes
    • agUnitFrames - Buffs now working without errors
    • BugSack - Disabled "Protected Function" and "Addon Blocked" messages
    • CT_MailMod - Attaching items no longer gives an error
    • IceHUD - Buffs now working without errors
    • InFlight - Added more Flight times
    • SCT/SCTD - Updated to current TBC version, added Diablo font
    • SimpleCombatLog - TBC compatible version using Parser-2.0
    • Skinner - Disabled some troublesome 'skins', including Tradeskill and StaticPopup. Should be 100% secure now.
    • SW_Stats - Increased memory warning threshold, removed Fixstrings since it was causing some strange issues with EN.
    • XRS - Buffs now working without errors

    • AutoProfit - Replaced with GarbageFu
    • ItemRack - Replaced with ClosetGnome

    • aUF_Banzai - Aggro mod, turns agUF healthbar red if unit has aggro
    • CT_Mailmod - Gmail broke with last patch.
    • DeuceCommander - FuBar menu for all Ace2 mod slash commands
    • EzDismount - MountMe broke with patch, dismounts at Herbs, Mines, etc.
    • IDCard - Shows item icon with tooltip
    • MrPlow - Sort your bags. Bank sorting is broken, disabled commands for bank.
    • Mendeleev - Shows tradeskill and Bossloot info in tooltips
    • RatingBuster - Displays Itemlevel and stat percentages in Item tooltips
    • Skinner - 2nd generation of oSkin (customized for Epoxy)
    • Surfaces - Optional, gives extre bar textures for agUnitFrames

    All mods updated to current versions
    As always, various undocumented changes :p
    • agUnitFrames - Rightclick menu now works, other fixes
    • CT_Mailmod - Modified slightly, working securely
    • InFlight - Added some Alliance Flightpath data
    • MCP - "disable" bug fixed
    • MrPlow - Disabled Bank stuff from menus
    • Prat - Now using a working EditBox module.
    • SimpleCombatLog - Still buggy. Made ParserLib changes, some errors still exist like Mushrooms in Zangamarsh

    • FuBar_LocationFu - Cartographer has modules which do the same
    • Gmail - Not working, insecure mod which needs work
    • ItemLevel - Replaced with RatingBuster
    • MountMe - Not working, insecure mod which needs work
    • MyBindings - Not working, insecure mod which needs work
    • oSkin - Replaced with Skinner
    • Warmath - Replaced with RatingBuster

    • !!!Libs - Consolidated all Libraries into one folder, I know some authors do not like this, but it is easier to manage from a normal user standpoint.
    • TrinityButtons - Action Bar Mod that works great with TBC, make sure to bind all buttons by SHIFT+LeftClick on the Minimap button (Red circle)
    • Omni Cooldown Count - Works great with TrinityButtons
    • Cartographer - Moveable, Scaleable map.
    • FuBar_TrackerFu - Hunter and Tradeskill tracking
    • MountMe - Mount mod, dismounts at Flightpath, Herbs, Mining, Skinning, etc.
    • oTweaks - Changes Zoom out and Tab targetting distance. /otweaks
    • Rawr - Uses ingame sounds for each race's /roar emote.
    • SimpleCombatLog - No longer "tainted", however you have to manually turn off Blizzard default combat chat settings. ALT+Right click combatlog tab for SCL options.

    • All mods updated to current versions
    • Coins - Fixed insecure hooks
    • CW_Stuff - Disabled zoom code, since its handled by oTweaks. Only contains TellTarget code
    • FuBar_QuestsFu - Slight change for TBC compatibility
    • Gmail - Fixed insecure hooks
    • InFlight - Fixed insecure hooks, modified default timer settings, enabled confirm window, added flight times for some Horde+Alliance Outland Flight Paths
    • MCP - Removed ability to disable "AIO Library Package" ingame
    • oSkin - Fixed insecure hooks, Fixed Mailframe and Auction House frame issues. Disabled Worldmap frame due to issue with Cartographer.
    • Prat - Updated all modules, removed modules with issues. Do not update this or use old modules.
    • SW_Stats - Fixed insecure hook
    • TinyTip - Fixed insecure hooks
    • TrinityButtons - Added texture for MiniMap icon
    • XLoot - Fixed insecure hooks

    • AckBar - Replaced with TrinityButtons. Could not get working with Rogue's Stealth
    • AutoTurnin - Found myself not really using this, good for PVP turnins
    • BuyEmAll - Was having issues with uneven stacks, became annoying
    • CooldownCount (Ace2) - Was 'flashing' when used with TrinityButtons and I almost had a seizure. Not fun.
    • FuBar_MicroMenuFu - TrinityButtons has a moveable, scaleable MicroMenu, plus this mod had some tainting issues
    • FuBar_RegenFu - Was getting some funky numbers, and ended up disabling
    • MetaMap - Replaced with Cartographer. Too many wierd issues with tainted code, causing errors and macro wierdness.
    • TheLowDown - Needs to be un-tainted. Prat has similar options.


    • Metamap - Heavily modified version, there is an error when opening Extended Options, otherwise, works fine
    • GMail - Fixed Item Stack error
    • MyBindings2 - Easily converted to WoW 2.0, debugging off by default
    • All mods updated to current versions
    • Went through all mods to look for bad hooks of secure frames/functions. Changes may help with some of the macro errors or other issues related to 'tainted' mods
    • CooldownCount - Now securely hooking CooldownFrame_SetTimer
    • oSkin - Disabled AuctionUI skin
    • Prat - PlayerNames now working again, adds color, group #, level #
    • CT_MapMod - Replaced with MetaMap
    • CT_MailMod - Replaced with GMail
    • oCD - Cooldowns on the ActionButtons plus the oCD timer bars was a bit overkill, I prefer the button cooldowns
    • PlayerMenu - Blizzard changed something with chatframe name clicking, need to investigate
    • SimpleCombatLog - unsecure Chat/FCF frame hooks are bad. I need some time to fix this
    • Warmup - Non developers don't really have a need for this
    • SpecialEventsEmbed - Removed unused modules


    AckBar: Fixed Keybinding error and hopefully some wierdness the AckBonusBar was causing.

    Updated to current versions: