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Selite says "Hello, what brings you to these parts?"
08-19-08 03:30 AM by: Selite
Entire way SelXP works to find values is going to be rewritten for 3.0.
This will allow alot of new options without bloating out the code.

More details as I finish coding/testing them.

3.0 Checklist.
- LDB display of Reps to goal.
- Code rewrite, allowing for more output modes, and even the possiblity of writing custom output markup.
I'm currently working on 2.1 of SelXP, which should be released by Saturday. New Features include (and are limited to) a new output mode that should of been in 2.0 but due to time constraints (read: actually was work) were bumped to this release. Also look out for a fix to the level up bug. (Totally not a guarentee.)
Fun Fact, The 2.0 release came only 2 days after the addon was started.

In other, less XP based news, I'm working on a simple Ace3 mod that's single defining feature if it's Interface Options based config, which leaves me with the minor problem of finding some thing that needs options. Before you say, "Selite, why don't you put it in SelXP?", I'll just say that the Ace3 libary needed to add that in is bigger than SelXPs code base at approx 80kb (for all the AceConfig-3.0 libaries) or about 40kb just for the AceConfigDialog-3.0 libary. (SelXP is 2.63kb of code, for reference. and the banana emote that's above us is surprisingly a mear 1.57kb)

More info when I make it;