You Feel Normal
By: Satrina - 03-01-06 11:50 PM
I've run out of rest XP.

Until further notice, I am no longer adding functionality to any of my addons. I simply do not have the time to spare for addon development between work, other commitments, and squeezing in whatever playtime in WoW that I can. For as long as I am still playing WoW, I will be keeping most of them* current and fixing them when API changes break them, but that's it. I will no longer be submitting updates to wowinterface or worldofwar. You will be able to find updates at

If anyone is interested in taking ownership of any of them, feel free to email me (

*I am completely discontinuing even maintenance on HealTracker. I don't personally use it anymore and am not inclined to spend any time on it from here on.

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