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r filter overwrites sorting option
Bug #: 6565
File: Satrina Buff Frames 3
Date: 04-27-10 09:26 AM
By: ckramme
Status: Unconfirmed
Hey :)
I have 2 frames with sorting set to time descending in the layout tab.

Frame 1 is a whitelist for buffs and uses the filter r>=30
Frame 2 is a whitelist for buffs and uses the filter r<30

Normally the sorting will have the buff with the highest amount of time left first and then descending from there.
But when using the r filter, sorting is changed to time ascending.

I can see SBF use the time descending option if I get a new buff, but after 1 sec. it changes to time ascending sorting again.

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By: ckramme - 04-27-10 09:27 AM
This is SBF version 3.1.20
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