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Bottom Left Corner of NPC Dialog Window
Bug #: 6711
File: AI-Art
Date: 08-17-10 09:25 PM
By: Meebsy
Status: Fixed

Now I'm using the latest version on Live and while I know that it's been stated it's not entirely build for Live but Cataclysm I'm sure you'd like to fix any little niggles with it.
My problem is the bottom left of any NPC dialog screens. It just looks out of place with the rest of your custom graphics.

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By: Quokka - 08-17-10 11:32 PM
Thank you Meebsy this corner is a small overlay that I still need to find and fix thank you again for reporting
By: Quokka - 08-18-10 01:50 AM
I mean needs to be found and fixed.. never visit the forum with a Coffee after getting up
By: Quokka - 08-18-10 02:37 AM
Fixed in the next build

Forgot to convert & include UI-Quest-BotLeftPatch.blp & UI-Quest-BotRightPatch.blp

Sorry for that