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I found some problem
Bug #: 6712
File: AI-Art
Date: 08-17-10 09:35 PM
By: choujizhong
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
I found some problem

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By: choujizhong - 08-17-10 10:23 PM
By: choujizhong - 08-17-10 10:32 PM
How should I do that I change 2D portraits to 3D portraits?
By: Quokka - 08-17-10 11:36 PM
Those 3 frames are not done.
As for the glyph frame blizzard did'nt do any work on that yet. But in the next build I'll update the live frame

2D / 3D Portraits is something blizzard does I can not change this sorry
By: choujizhong - 08-18-10 04:37 AM
Thank you very much!
I like you frame!
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