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Shine error again
Bug #: 4733
File: RuneWatch
Date: 09-20-08 05:02 AM
By: Vampyrate
Status: Not a Bug
X-perl and the latest rune watch are giving shine errors again in both compact and full skins.

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By: Voorije - 09-20-08 10:57 PM
Go to the config options and turn on the check box that says "Hide Blizzard Rune Frame"

Then /console reloadui

No more shine.
By: Voorije - 09-20-08 10:59 PM
Basically this is STILL a problem with bad programming in x-perl. I suggest you hound them to write thier own rune frame instead of hijacking the blizzard one.
By: Vampyrate - 09-21-08 08:24 PM
I have downloaded the newest RW and the newest x-perl (and made a recommended XML edit). I will test again to see if there is a shine error.
By: Voorije - 09-22-08 02:11 AM
Please keep me informed on your testing.
By: Vampyrate - 09-22-08 04:14 PM
The XML edit caused my player unit frame to appear as a Blizzard frame. I had to remove the edit to get an X-perl player frame back. Still got shine errors (basically only when a countdown has resolved and the rune is available)

I will try today's version and see what happens.
By: Voorije - 09-22-08 04:21 PM
Shine errors are produced by a taint error caused by xperl's hijacking of the rune frame. When my code hides the rune-frame after x-perl has hijacked it (or doesn't hide) it spawns some errors because xperl has gone and modified a bunch of blizzard frames to suit thier purposes.

Frame-Hijacking is a bad idea honestly, it doesn't take 2 seconds to extract the runeframe source and figure out it's incredibly easy & lightweight to reproduce them.

I believe to combat this problem I am going to revert to my old style of dealing with shine. Basically this is a rune-frame replacement, when you have it installed it's going to hide the rune frame.
By: Voorije - 09-22-08 04:21 PM
BTW: I still cannot reproduce this myself unless i "show" the default rune-frame in runewatch's options.

If you hide the blizzard rune frame and relog, it never bothers you (or rather, shouldn't).
By: Vampyrate - 09-22-08 04:47 PM
Okay what I did was edit the Xperl_Player.xml file and make the edit suggested in the comments. This time it worked and no more shine errors.