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Runic Power indicator no longer working
Bug #: 4735
File: RuneWatch
Date: 09-20-08 11:39 AM
By: Henn and Coke
Status: Fixed
The numerical indicator for Runic power is no longer functioning. Screenshot of the RP indicator shows a near full RP bar, but a zero on the indicator:

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By: Voorije - 09-20-08 10:58 PM
Already knew about it, thanks, will be fixed in next version.
By: MyKroFt - 09-21-08 06:24 AM
The Backgrounds do not even show up for me anymore
By: Voorije - 09-22-08 02:09 AM
Can you elaborate?
By: Voorije - 09-22-08 03:27 AM
Numerical RP Indicator Fixed, slated for v1.1.5+
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