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Not saving position settings
Bug #: 5242
File: RuneWatch
Date: 12-06-08 09:58 AM
By: Mithoron
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
Latest version of Runewatch 1.2.2 not saving position settings after logging out...have to move the UI to the same please each time.

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By: EVmaker - 12-11-08 04:42 PM
I can confirm this (although not on logout). To be more specific, when I login, RuneWatch stays where I put it, if I move it and logout, when I login it will be where I put it. However, if I disable runewatch while logged in (optionlesshouse), or login with it not loaded, then later login with it loaded, it'll go back to the center of the screen and have to be moved to where it should be again. I've noticed this quite a bit as when I am working on my addons I tend to disable everything but what I'm working on and a couple other basic mods, either while logged in or before logging in, and afterwards I have to move RuneWatch back to its normal position.
By: Borlox - 08-17-09 09:42 AM
Here is a fix for the bug:

diff -r RuneWatch/Gui/Gui.lua RuneWatch.my/Gui/Gui.lua
< local _,_,_,xoff,yoff = RuneWatch.Gui.Anchor:GetPoint(1); -- Get Center Point Location
> local point, _, rel, x, y = RuneWatch.Gui.Anchor:GetPoint(1);
< RuneWatch.db.pos.x = xoff;
< RuneWatch.db.pos.y = yoff;
> RuneWatch.db.pos.x = x;
> RuneWatch.db.pos.y = y;
> RuneWatch.db.pos.point = point;
> RuneWatch.db.pos.rel = rel;
< local off = RuneWatch.db.pos;
< RuneWatch.Gui.Anchor:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", off.x, off.y);
> local p = RuneWatch.db.pos;
> RuneWatch.Gui.Anchor:SetPoint(p.point, UIParent, p.rel, p.x, p.y);
diff -r RuneWatch/RuneWatch.lua RuneWatch.my/RuneWatch.lua
< pos = { x = 0, y = 0 },
> pos = { x = 0, y = 0, point = "CENTER", rel = "CENTER" },