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RuneWatch elements interfere with mouse clickthrough
Bug #: 5278
File: RuneWatch
Date: 12-16-08 06:41 AM
By: Somnifer
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
I'm not sure if this is a bug or an unavoidable aspect of the type of addon this is but since it interferes with the normal function of my mouse I'm going to call it a bug.

Elements of the RuneWatch HUD interfere with mouse clickthrough. I use the compact HUD and so far I've identified the rune counter orbs as being the primary offenders.

Besides this, which interferes with targeting, looting, and mouseover macros, the addon is awesome. I hope this can be fixed. I don't want to have to reposition it or replace it with another addon. ><

Thanks very much!

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By: Voorije - 12-17-08 01:42 AM
This should be an easy fix, I think i even know what's causing it.
By: Somnifer - 12-18-08 03:36 AM
Awesome! As a temporary "fix" I did some poking and asking around and ended up hacking my copy by changing the enableMouse flag in the Rune and Disease widgets to (false). I suspect that might interfere with trying to drag the HUD but since I have it where I want it right now I'm happy until you post a real solution.

Thanks again!