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Sideways orientation
Feature #: 2891
File: RuneWatch
Date: 09-03-08 06:58 PM
By: Freak[boy]
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Mainly some graphical things.

Similar to vertical flip, but make the bar be on the left or right side of the little orb thing.

Perhaps an option to remove the orb with the Runic Power counter and just have the semi-circle bar with runes and runic power bar. Maybe make it stretchy lengthwise, if possible?

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By: Voorije - 09-05-08 03:05 AM
This is definately possible. When Eld comes back from vacation I'm going to ask him to modularize the graphical components of the mod so i can play with configurations.

Sideways orientation is definately something we can do.
By: Voorije - 09-07-08 06:39 PM
Update: The Graphics are being modularized this week so I should have this feature in soonish.
By: Voorije - 09-12-08 11:17 AM
Update: The base code for this feature is in the mod at the moment, just waiting on the graphics.
By: Voorije - 09-19-08 08:06 AM
Update: Graphics In, I just have to actually program this now.
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