memory allocation error: block too big
Date: 2010-10-03 10:57:02
ID: -1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 8
Message: memory allocation error: block too big
   (tail call): ?
   [C]: GetRegions()
   ...terface\AddOns\AloftCastWarning\AloftCastWarning.lua:709: SetupBar()
   ...terface\AddOns\AloftCastWarning\AloftCastWarning.lua:620: AcquireCastWarning()
   ...terface\AddOns\AloftCastWarning\AloftCastWarning.lua:449: Update()
   ...terface\AddOns\AloftCastWarning\AloftCastWarning.lua:387: UpdateCastWarning()
   ...terface\AddOns\AloftCastWarning\AloftCastWarning.lua:548: ?()
at this point, i am ready to conclude there is something going on in the Blizzard widget API, specifically Frame:GetRegions() (or potentially farther down, inside of Microsoft's stuff).

it is always possible that Aloft is inducing this somehow, but...

i have seen this, and had users report this, in a number of addons over the past year or so (not only Aloft). Aloft probably encounters it the most because it cycles through a larger volume of frames than most other addons (as nameplates appear/disappear).

when it occurs in Aloft, it occurs in different locations (wherever frames are touched... which is all over the place; i have probably experienced it, and seen it reported, most often in the AloftManaBar module). the problem is completely intermittent, in code that otherwise executes continuously without problems. i myself have not seen it in months. i can't reproduce it. when i look at stack traces in Blizzard error dump files, the problem appears to originate several levels down in operating system DLLs related to memory management.

i readily confess to being stumped.