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does not work with ag_UnitFrames? and does not work at all for me.
Bug #: 4746
File: Aloft
Date: 09-23-08 09:05 PM
By: tintingurl
Status: Unconfirmed
this is the error it gives me:

[2008/09/23 22:59:53-113-x1]: Aloft-\Aloft.lua:104: attempt to call global 'ShowNameplates' (a nil value)
Dewdrop-2.0-78658 (ag_UnitFrames):732: in function <...ddOns\ag_UnitFrames\libs\Dewdrop-2.0\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:671>

also does not seem to work at all for me the dropdown menu is greyed out for me :(


once i disable ag_UF it gives this error:

2008/09/23 23:04:28-114-x1]: Aloft-\Aloft.lua:104: attempt to call global 'ShowNameplates' (a nil value)
Dewdrop-2.0-78658 (Aloft):732: in function <...erface\AddOns\Aloft\Libs\Dewdrop-2.0\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:671>

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By: acapela - 09-24-08 09:23 AM
this looks suprisingly like some of the problems seen on the PTR (WoW v3.0.2), on which the former API methods related to nameplates do not even exist (and there are problems in the version of Ace2 that is bundled with aloft, that affect fubar integration and menu display).

i am in progress on a version that will run on the PTR (and WotLK). i will be releasing that this week sometime. i will leave this bug active until it can be verified with that version.
By: acapela - 09-25-08 01:47 PM
i have not yet had a chance to install ag_UnitFrames.

but, i have been testing my latest/greatest version of Aloft (about to be released) with and without all of my other addons installed on 2.4.3, and with just Aloft on 3.0.2, and i cannot reproduce this problem.

ShowNameplates/HideNameplates are obsolete functions under WoW 3.x, they no longer exists. there is another mechanism to which i have now implemented. i suspect you were running an earlier version of Aloft on the WotLK beta or on the 3.0.2 PTR, in which case the problem you saw would be "expected".

try a more recent version of Aloft, specifically 2.1.0 or later, and see if the problem happens again. in the meantime, i will try to download/install/test with ag_UnitFrames (i would like to give them a try anyway ).
By: tintingurl - 09-30-08 06:17 AM
it seems to work now(i replaced ag_UF with pitbull now. only thing i have in bugsack is:

[2008/09/30 08:09:59-160-x1]: AceOO-2.0-79634 (Ace2):734: AceComm-2.0: AceComm-2.0 requires AceEvent-2.0
AceComm-2.0-82173 (Aloft):2339: in main chunk


but the addon seems to still work in beta.