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AceComm-2.0: AceComm-2.0 requires AceEvent-2.0
Bug #: 4948
File: Aloft (Beta)
Date: 10-20-08 05:33 PM
By: roncli
Status: Fixed
When using Aloft Beta in conjunction with other addons, the error "AceComm-2.0: AceComm-2.0 requires AceEvent-2.0" appears. This is likely due to the fact that the embeded libraries being used are old. Please update your embedded libraries. Thanks!

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By: acapela - 10-25-08 06:25 PM
yes, updated. thanks for the notice.

i have also gotten rid of AceComm-2.0 as an Aloft embed. hopefully that will simplify these sorts of things in the future (one library fewer to conflict).

thanks again.